Why I Write Blogs and Perhaps You Should Read Some

The truth is this, I want to write a blog because:

  • It may help someone by offering a new or different perspective
  • I think at least some of what I say has some value
  • As an old lady, I seldom get heard
  • It is an opportunity or excuse to think through some points I find interesting
  • In a small way, it would be leaving something after I’m dead

Clearly, most people that will stumble across what I write will have been searching for a particular topic that I will have written about, and they will not care who I am. That’s just fine, I’m not here for fame. I only note that now, because this is my first blog and it marks for me an opportunity to lay down some type of Mission Statement. I may need to refer to at some future time. And in accordance with purpose 1), (and 3-5), it may help clarify someone else’s thoughts down the road.

I am a sixty-something white female that is smart enough to occasionally have a good idea and put unexpected ideas next to each other. All my life I have paid attention and asked questions, as well as been lucky enough to feed my curiosity in many places and situations. And one other advantage I have is a willingness to accept when I have screwed up, and the confidence to try to figure out why and tell you about it. Other reasons I want to write are because I have the time and inclination, and I write well enough to avoid too much embarrassment.

Every blog I write I will try to make worth reading. Every blog should have at least one new idea or perspective to make it worth your time. Please feel free to tell me how you think I can improve; I would appreciate it! At the same time, if you feel life has cheated you, someone has hurt you, or any other reason you feel sad, mad, angry, or afraid, I would like to hear from you also! It doesn’t cost anything, and if it helps you feel better, why not? No, I will not use it to write about. I’m just allowing you a place to vent.

A few things I am or have done:

  • I have heard Louis Armstrong, Louis Leakey, Jefferson Airplane, and Luciano Pavarotti perform.
  • I hitchhiked around Europe alone and had my 21st birthday in Athens, Greece.
  • I have run up Mt. Lassen, and scuba’d down 90 ft. in the Pacific.
  • I was in Washington DC when MLK gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.
  • I worked for Cesar Chavez.
  • My ‘dum’ parents wouldn’t let me hitchhike across the US to the Woodstock Festival at the age of 15, but I could have paid for the ticket with my babysitting money.
  • I sewed my prom dress.
  • I applied to be a NASA astronaut.
  • Marijuana can have great medicinal value, as well as just take the edge off. But many drugs are bad, m’kay? Tobacco? Seriously?
  • My wonderful sons are everything.
  • Through no fault of my own, I am directly related to William Bradford (Mayflower), Benjamin Franklin, farmers, judges, preachers, soldiers, a knight, a slave-owner, and simple laborers.
  • I am an RN and worked in multi-trauma.
  • I am also a credentialed teacher and tutor, focused on multi-subject 5th through 10th
  • I tried being gay or bi-, and it didn’t ‘take’. Now I have a great boyfriend
  • All the truly awful things in my life happened within about 1 year’s time.
  • I am a cancer survivor. I learned I am a coward.
  • I saw a monk in China with dents in his head in a rectangular arrangement.
  • I am rich beyond comprehension, and have a little money saved for retirement, too.
  • I ‘should’ be dead, times 3.

I named my blog Coffeetime because I like to picture people taking a break to read blogs while enjoying a great cup of coffee, like I do.

So this blog is launched with the hope that many people, as well as I, get something from it. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. This is a photo of Janis Joplin.JanisJoplin



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